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The kids make friends, learn new skills, develop as individuals, learn work ethics, and all this while having FUN!
Our aim is to increase confidence as well as ability, and they work towards 2 or 3 shows a year!

Started 2009, by professional singer/entertainer/vocal coach, Tina Rose and her

Daughter,  choreographer/dancer/ singer ,Gemma Lloyd, Club Dansing is an affordable, fun club where kids can enjoy all the pleasures of the performing arts without the pressures (and additional cost!) of exams.


Club DanSing is the affordable way for children aged 3+ to learn all about singing, dancing, performing, and most of all having fun! As well as learning new skills, developing confidence and enjoying themselves, dancing and singing is a great form of exercise too.

Club DanSing does not have examinations as the aim is for the children to enjoy learning about the performing arts, without any pressure. The club works towards helping the children gain confidence, and experience, by hosting shows and performances rather than pressurised exams. These are in the form of a “Main Show “and another end of year show featuring “Club DanSings’ got Talent”, with judges and cups!  Club DanSing will also be making videos that showcase the talents of the kids.


The club provides training in singing, drama and musical theatre and introduces various styles of dance including Hip hop, ballet, modern/jazz etc. with the focus being on the choreography. Club DanSing also enters Dance competitions on a regular basis.


For singing and performing the kids learn about breathing and projection, how to get

the best from their voice and songs including pop as well as musical theatre.  Group harmonies are also taught.

Dance, performance and singing skills combine with musical theatre, to really bring out all the facets of performing.

During the two hour class, the emphasis is very much on fun, the kids will be learning new techniques

and abilities – probably without even realising it! Then also being taught team work, and the discipline of theatre.


In our current  location at Raquetas,  there is a cafeteria where parents can enjoy very reasonably priced drinks and meals, and relax, or just be free to drive a few minutes to all the shops for some stress free time, while the kids are having fun. There is also a play park and of course paddle tennis courts.


It has been scientifically proven that singing is very good for you! As well as being an enjoyable pastime, it can give the body an aerobic workout when done correctly, and releases endorphins – the “feel good” hormones- that release stress, and leave you feeling on top of the world.

We all know that dancing is good for the body and mind in many ways . Dancing is a release of energy, and also a huge mental stimulus, that keeps the brain engaged and active in a very positive way, as well as getting physical exercise.

The feeling of achievement that the students get after learning a new song/routine is second to none.


The children love putting into practise what they have been learning, and having a chance to show what they can do to their friends and family. With yearly shows, they have ample chance to do this, aside from the talent competition. Even if they do not enter the talent competition, all kids will be involved in the group production of the show that incorporates Club DanSings got Talent. We also host an award ceremony , in the form of a prom (Oscar awards type) where cups and diplomas are also presented for the years’ work.


Private vocal training is also offered, and Kids will also be offered the opportunity to do recording sessions (they can make their own cd!) New dance classes are  also in progress for our “Advanced competition groups” , and separate Tap dancing classes are due to start soon! Drama/L.A.M.D.A. will also be returning for those who need more Drama

in their lives! More new offers are being looked into for the start of next term.


Although we work towards fun, the learning is extensive and many of our students have gone on to work professionally, both here in Spain, Uk and even China!


As Mother and Daughter,Tina and Gemma try to keep the family feel of the club, where everything is light hearted, and any concerns and problems will be taken on board with discretion. For further details, call or WhatsApp Tina on 607 146 954, between 10-7pm or  Email

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